Short cape or long enough?

Submitted by Brandon on 6/4/01. ( )

I am about to mount a black Coyote shoulder mount.I skinned it out but it I don't know if it will be long enough. I skinned it from right behing the front legs all the way around.

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This response submitted by CHUCK on 6/4/01. ( )

I'd say for a shoulder mount you will have enough skin as long as you have measured properly and you don't have a mannikin that is to fat in the chest which will rob from the length. Test fit it and see .You might even want to "customize " your wall mount to a pedestal just in case it is a tad short.If its for a customer and they're definite on a wall shoulder ,you could also cut an inch off the mannikin reapply the plywood and you'll be set.

you should be just..

This response submitted by Al on 6/5/01. ( )

fine. I know it seems short when you have it off doesn't it? But if you cut it were you said you will be all set... Good luck

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