Yellow Dextrin based glue for white sheep?

Submitted by Bobby on 6/6/01. ( )

I'm mounting a Texas Dall ram, from a game farm. I'm not sure if the hair on this thing is hollow or not but I like to use a dextrin based hide paste and I'm wondering if it will turn the sheep yellow if I do.
I've got some Killer Glue but never was very impressed with it and it is a dark gray color any way. Was just wondering if anyone has any advise on this.

Thanks for your help...

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it shouldnt

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 6/6/01. ( )

If the hair is super short, or absent, it COULD show throw the hide, but I doubt it. Personally, I prefer dark colored dextrine based adhesives when I use them. I like Buckeye Supreme which is white, for most heads unless very large, where drying or the lack of is an issue.

why worry

This response submitted by jim marsico on 6/6/01. ( )

Ive had dextrine based glues bleed down the hairs in spots on sheep mounts esp. dalls. I have for a long time now used other glues on sheep, antelope, etc. and then I dont ever think about it.

Call Tim Azlin

This response submitted by Tina on 6/9/01. ( )

He is the top sheep man in Texas. He can give you your answer. 979-265-2843

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