Grizzly Bear Form for Trophy Black Bear

Submitted by Luc Syrenne on 6/8/01. ( )

I've got a large trophy black bear and I'm finding that most
suppliers don't have a rug form or shoulder form large enough.
The measurements are 6 1/4 X 15 1/2 X 8 5/8 Width X 27 1/2 Neck
circumference. Can I utilize a larger Grizzly headform? Is
there any difference between the two bears other than size. I've
also have measurements of the teeth - What's the difference
in jaw length and width between the grizzly and a large Black bear?



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This response submitted by Luc on 6/8/01. ( )

Sorry for the duplication of the request. I had originally
submitted the request under the categories mammals, and I couldn't
find it. I still would welcome any other comments.


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