Boar mouth & jaw paint schedule..

Submitted by Darrell Walker on 6/8/01. ( )

I need a paint schedule for a wild boar, the inner mouth & jaw colors. I have a video, and the colors described in it do not look correct to me, plus they where not the colors of the boar to start with. My reference pictures from a couple of the suppliers show everything pink, this doesn't seem correct either. The color when skinned was a light gray (lips, inner mouth), tongue (white, very little pink tone) I think these are also not correct because of the freezing.

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Paint schedule for boar

This response submitted by Rick Carter on 6/8/01. ( WASCO )

Darrell, get a flashlight and look in the mirror! Seriously, A boar has a mouth color very close to a human. There is a really broad acceptable range for the color. The best photos I have show a light flesh color close to polytranspar FP165 flesh. The tongue is VERY close to human. Good luck.

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This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 6/9/01. ( )

Ricks right, we sometimes mistakenly think the inside of a boars mouth is white or grayish. Look in the mirror like he said. That whitish color is what happens when the heart stops pumping blood and it drains away from the tissues. Unfortunatly clients sometimes think the mouth is whitish also. I have had clients tell me to make sure and replicate that whitish color inside the boars mouth. I dont think the mortition will let you in or you could see inside a human mouth post mortem. Don't mean to be morbid, but think about it living tissue virsus dead.

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