Need help on Corsican Ram horns.

Submitted by Ron Payne on 6/9/01. ( )

I tried boiling a set of ram horns and when I tried to seperate them the inner horn broke off about 3 inches inside the outer horn. Is there any way I can get this inner horn out?



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busted horn core

This response submitted by mike d on 6/10/01. ( )

At this point the only thing you can do is let the core rot off.
Soak the entire horn and core for 2 or 3 days in a bucket of water,
remove from bucket and close up tight in a plastic bag. Leave in the
bag for a week or two to rot.
Before bagging, run a couple of long dry wall or deck screws into
the broken end of the core; this will give you something to get
a hold on for pulling the core out.
Check it after a week, if it doesn't come out re-bag and wait
another week! Eventually it will pull out.

Ram Horns

This response submitted by Ron Payne on 6/10/01. ( )

Mike D. Thanks for quick answer to my problem Will give it a try.
Thanks again

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