boiling horns

Submitted by donnie on 6/12/01. ( )

hello guys i am doing a European mount of a corsican ram, i have the horns off the core and i am wondering do i have to boil the junk out from inside the horns. or can i just put them back on that way thanks guys

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Boil em!

This response submitted by MattC on 6/12/01. ( )

Boil the skull and inner horn. Be careful and not boil them too long or the skull and horns will become brittle. just watch closely and when the meat seems to be pulling from the skull easily and the inner horn(core) turns white,that should be enough. Then wash and dry then reset horns.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 6/13/01. ( )

A lot of us guys here on the forums dont advise boiling horns, just the cores/skulls. The horns can shrink, too. Check the archives on this, you'll see quite a difference in opinion on this one. You only have to see one horn warp to know why I say no boiling! Good luck whichever way you choose to proceed.


This response submitted by MattC on 6/13/01. ( )

I thought you were asking if you boiled the inner horn...DO NOT boil the outer(true) horn..Just wash inside and out and let dry...Just clarifying. I mis read your question


This response submitted by donnie on 6/13/01. ( )

thanks for the help

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