Mannikin Prep

Submitted by Mark on 6/15/01. ( )

Has anyone ever tried spray adhesive in place of a Mannikin Prep type product

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I have used a spray

This response submitted by Todd Buchanan on 6/15/01. ( )

adhesive I bought at Napa auto parts store. I will have to get the exact
number if you are interested. It is a Napa brand and it worked well.

e-mail me if you want the item number
Todd B

Spray Adhesive

This response submitted by Martin on 6/16/01. ( )

I have used both 3M #90 and their #77 spray adhesive with good results. You can usually buy them at bulding supplies and hardware stores for under $10.00. Martin.

spray sticky

This response submitted by Swampy on 6/18/01. ( )

Manniken Prep is nothing more than 611 spray adhesive. That's the
original Mannikin Prep...I do not know anything about the new
improved Mannikin Prep. Why pay 9 to 10 bucks for Mannikin Prep
when you can get the 611 spray adhesive for 6 or 7 bucks.

I knew it had to be something like that

This response submitted by Mark on 6/21/01. ( )

Is that a 3m product? if not who makes it if you know. Thanks for the replies.

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