Red Stag-Elk

Submitted by Ricky B on 6/20/01. ( )

How close are Red Stag and elk? If you found the right size elk mannikin, would it work for red stag? I know a little about elk but not the red stag. Also-do some call it red deer? Thanks

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Stags and elks

This response submitted by MB on 6/20/01. ( )

They are similair to a large degree, but a stags head is not identical to the elk so be careful of that or you will have a red stag that looks like an elk when mounted. If you look at live referance you will see the differance in the heads that I speak of. Hope that helps. And yes they are refered to as red deer also.

Shorter "face"

This response submitted by Bill Gaither on 6/21/01. ( )

The European red deer has a shorter distance between the nose and the Occipital "brow". This distance is sometimes refered to as the "A" measurement on a game form. The neck is usually of smaller diameter. In the old days, when resin paper forms were the height of the art, they could be modified to fit either an elk, or a red deer. Today's highly detailed forms have taken a lot of the work out of mounting game heads. the down side to all that detail is that it leaves little room for modification without expending a serious amount of elbow grease.

There are excellent head forms available for red deer through WASCO and other suppliers. Better to use one than risk having fit problems too late in the game.

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