Staining Axis Antlers

Submitted by Audrey McClaugherty on 6/21/01. ( )

Hello, I have search the forum and found lots of references to staining caribou horns, but I need some information on the best colors of stains to use on Axis antlers.

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Natural Color....

This response submitted by CUR on 6/21/01. ( )

Axis deer have pale horns. At least the ones I have shot and seen in the field have. Are the horns faded, or sun-bleached? If fresh, they shouldn't require staining. I am emailing you a photo of a large axis stag at close range. color 'em like that.

axis color

This response submitted by not important on 6/22/01. ( )

I have had to repair and color way too many axis head gear.I can only guess as to what condition your axis is in,however this will work for most situations,such as repairs,bleached or stripped horns.Get refence preferably a good set of horns for color match.completely seal the horns to be colored.completely paint with a base coat that matches the main color of horns and let dry.then mix a color that matches the highlights,refer to reference as some horns have different colors and values of highlights.Dry brush these colors to match reference,this will catch the high spots,or "viens" of the horns.When your happy with the colors, apply a clear topcoat to seal colors,I use a matte sealer with flattener added to get a flat sheen.THis alot more involved than staining whitetail antlers,but when you get the hang of the procedure it's not hard to do.Hope this helps good luck.Also whatever type of paint your comfortable with will work.I have the best control using flat latex.

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