Hair slippage ! Help !

Submitted by Paul Rasberry on 6/23/01. ( )

I'm working on a deer shoulder mount and everything is looking good but i have noticed hair slippage around the brisket area. I'm knew at this and I don't know what to do. I've thought about using "stop slip", will this work? any ideas someone please help me!

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Try it and see.

This response submitted by John C on 6/23/01. ( )

Maybe it will work on hte slippage. If you dont have time to wait, turn the deer brisket up and saturate with denature alcohol from Ace hardware or SLX from Wally world.

Let it dry

This response submitted by P.F.B. on 6/24/01. ( )

The brisket area is the lowest part on your mount, excess moisture builds up there and at times the epiderms loosen up a bit causing hairs to pull out easy or slightly slip. Let it dry and put a fan on it a couple days and see how it is. dont pull or rub the area. You can use stop slip on the affected area, Ihave it worked ok. Dont worry, just give it time. Good luck Paul

yes yes

This response submitted by ben on 6/24/01. ( )


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