Skull Bleach Names?

Submitted by Robbie on 6/25/01. ( )

I have got some dermestid beetles on the way so that I can clean some skulls. My wife is a beautician and we have access to all the hydrogen peroxide and powdered bleaches. I was wondering if someone has a particluar powder bleach that works well for them? I read the archives and found out about making the paste with the bleach and hydrogen peroxide. Just want to get something that is tried and true. I only mount animals for myself, but am thinking of taking the load off some of my taxidermist buddies who loathe doing skulls. Gotta keep my beetles fed.
Any help is appreciated.


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Hydrogen Peroxide

This response submitted by CUR on 6/25/01. ( )

Ain't nuttin better.


This response submitted by Al on 6/25/01. ( )

powder developer is what I have used in the past... mixed with either 30% or 40% volume peroxide. They do make this already mixed but I can't remember the name.

When bleaching......

This response submitted by Lisa on 6/25/01. ( )

Do not use the substitution of 40% peroxide instead of doesn't work well......Way too much SHINE!

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