handford bull elk

Submitted by ono on 6/26/01. ( )

My neighbor shot a very large bull last year that was one of the Handford elk herd here in eastern washington. he asked me today if i knew anyone that was interested in it to buy, he then said that he heard that it may be worth around 2 thousand dollars . I told him that i had no idea but offered to mount it so that it might sell a little better as a complete mount .Does anyone have an opinion on this thinking. thanks tyler. oh the elk was a 380 class bull but with about 100 deductions its a 280 but this is a very wild looking animal , one of the antlers is offset forward almost over its right eye and has a circumference of about 16" . just seeing if it would be worth the time and money?

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Hard to say

This response submitted by Brent on 6/26/01. ( taxidermy@timbertiger.cc )


I would try eBay and offer the antlers only. You never know what some people will be looking for. The only reason I say just the antlers is that unless you find someone nearby the shipping for the mounted bull could be quite expensive.

I would like to see it. We are in Warden, not far from you. Maybe I could get down your way.

Good Luck,
Brent Thyssen
Timber Tiger Taxidermy

I forgot

This response submitted by Brent on 6/26/01. ( )


I forgot to mention that we recieved a spike bull in last fall for tanning. It was from the Hanford Herd. It also had a deformed left side antler pedistal. The deformity caused the antler to grow down in front of the eye. We kept the skull and cleaned it. Strange beast.


antler buyer

This response submitted by ernie on 7/11/01. ( shedhunter06@aol.com )

try my friend criss at bullbugle@earthlink.net.... he and his father are antler buyers and have connections all over the country in people looking for things like this hpoe this helps

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