Help gettin horns off

Submitted by D.J. Cornish on 6/26/01. ( )

I just recieved a set of springbuck horns that were cleaned and then the horns were put back on the cores now they wiggle a little bit but I cant get them to twist up off the cores only about a inch. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. D.J.

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what probably happened to your...

This response submitted by KJS on 6/26/01. ( )

springbok is that the horns were put back on the cores before the cores were 100% dry and in the remaining drying process they turned. If in fact you're certain that the core was cleaned well, just run some Newtons epoxy down there to lock them on. However, I think to be on the saffe side I'd put them in a microwave and try and "pop" them again, clean the core well and cut them, leaving just enough to use as an anchor to epoxy the sheaths back on. Good luck to you and I hope I've helped in some way.

Soak Them

This response submitted by Headhanger on 6/27/01. ( )

I'm in agreement with KJS's diagnosis of the problem but I would suggest soaking the horns, to soften them up, and then attempt to remove them. Then, just as KJS stated, remove the majority of the core and reattach the horn covers using Bondo or some other suitable apoxie. Good luck.


I 'd be careful using bondo

This response submitted by Kristoph on 6/27/01. ( )

to reattach horns, I've had them come off after using bondo and I do recall an amusing antedote penned by George about one of his "bondoed sheath" dillemmas. I believe your best off with a good epoxy. Newtons is my choice.

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