Boiling Antelope Skulls

Submitted by MC on 8/2/01. ( )

Normally when I boil skulls for european mounts, I add a combination of Tide and baking soda, to help turn the meat and cartilage to jelly for easy cleaning. I have a couple of Antelope skulls to do for european mounts, so the question is, is it okay to use this solution without discoloring the horns? Or, should I cook the horns off first with plain water.
Thanks for the help.

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This response submitted by jim marsico on 8/2/01. ( )

Cook the horns first without the soda and pull/twist them off as soon as you can. I wipe them off then with some laquer thinner and put borax inside them and set them loosely back on the cleaned skull with a fan going on them , I also cut about 2" off the top of the cores and put wad of cleannex up each horn . This all goes better if you do it fresh. After they are dry I use bondo to put them back on using the guide hole with a nail in it I had drilled at the horn base bottom before boiling as a guide, If you try to make them longer or shorter on the core its then VERY hard to get the eyes right on the mount.

Nuke 'em

This response submitted by Bob Mead on 8/3/01. ( )

You can also microwave the horns/skull plate and eliminate any chance of discoloring the horns when you boil them. I nuke all of the antelope I get in the studio. Even the B&C's fit will into my microwave without much trouble. Check the archives for the detailed instructions.

Bob Mead

Thanks Guy's

This response submitted by MC on 8/3/01. ( )

Was what I thought but I had to be sure. Anyway, I don't have the nerve to sneak them into my wifes new nuker, so I guess I'll cook them in plain water until the horns come off and then proceed with the cleaning.
Thanks again, always appreciate the help.


This response submitted by Dave at VanDyke's Supply Co. on 8/8/01. ( )

Bob was'nt kidding. Nuking them works great. I've been doing it this same way for years. No worries about discoloring the horns or worrying that double boiling will make all the teeth fall out.
You can purchase a second hand Microwave pretty darn cheep through the classifieds or at a second hand store.The horns pop off with ease.
If you plan on doing these in the future, Nuking is definately the way to go.

Have a good day to all,

microwave warning

This response submitted by Page on 8/17/01. ( )

PLEASE do not nuke antelope horns! I used to until that the day of the "accident". Nuking horns will cause the sheath to swell. Not bad, but enough so that you can tell the difference. I always nuked my horns when they were fresh. Didn't think there was a problem. BUT, one day I received a set that had been dry for a time. Without thinking I chunked them in the micro. When I took them out, there was a hole in one side that measured 1 inch wide by 3 inches long. The other horn had 2 swells in it that resembled a bubble in the sidewall of a cars tire. The after thought of course was that there was no moisture in the horns. So I went back and looked at some of my fresh horns that had been done and they too had small swells in them. But it wasn't as noticeable as the dry horns. I wasn't even sure they had swells in them until checking them against the hunting pictures. So if you nuke them be careful.
Also, the swells will make for a better circ. measurement.

nuking horns

This response submitted by Scott on 8/28/01. ( )

I had this problem and to solve it I turned down the power on the microwave and nuked them in two to three short intervals instead of continously ie 2min 2min 2min instead of 6 min.

Pussy Skulls

This response submitted by Chuck Henderson on 10/27/01. ( )

If you have a wife or girlfriend with a really loose pussy you can bang her with the antelope horns and they will pop right off. It works great!

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