Replacement Boar noses

Submitted by J.L. Mooney on 8/4/01. ( )

Just bought my first replacement boar nose, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

1) cutting off nose on mannikin.
2) attaching artificial nose to mannikin.
3) skin attachment around artificial nose and finish work.

Thanks for any information, J.L. Mooney

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try this

This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 8/4/01. ( )

I'm sure you will get other ideas ,but this what I do. Put a caliper on the artificial nose from front to back. Put that measurement on the form. Make a line and cut the nose off of the form. To attach Drill four holes around the back of the art. nose. about an inch deep. put four pieces of wire 10ga about two inches long into the back of the nose. Line up the nose on the form and push the nose down till it touches the form.This pushes the wire into the form to line up later. Make sure it lines up good. Remove the nose. mix some bondo and coat the form, the wire, and the nose and put it back on the wires push it down. most have a ridge to glue the skin to, but first I put the skin over the nose. cut just the nose pad out and start on one side cut and match the skin with the ridge on the nose. super glue it in place. the next day fill any void with magic sculpt and texture a little. after painting you should glue some short hairs back on the nose.
e-mail if you have further questions

Buy a Buckeye Mannikin

This response submitted by Rob on 9/10/01. ( )

Buy a boar mannikin from Buckeye.
You can get them with the artificial nose and jawset already installed.

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