Clay Drying Times

Submitted by Danny Gabbard, Sr. on 8/9/01. ( )

I currently have something going on with a hog mount I'm doing....that has never happened in the three years of doing taxidermy.

In two weeks......which in the past has always been plenty of time...I got one ear butt rock hard.....and the other one is still mushy.

What is up with that? It has been hot and humid....but it seems a bit strange to me to have two ears....coming from the same product of clay....having different drying times.

Any of you ever experienced this?

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This response submitted by CUR on 8/9/01. ( )

One side has a vent to the ambient (surrounding) air which allows an exchange to take place, drying it faster. The other side is probably devoid of that escape route, and dried slower because of it. Prolonged moisture may encourage mold to develop. Suggest you use a needle or other sharp wire device to perforate the area to allow the moisture to escape.


This response submitted by Danny Gabbard, Sr. on 8/9/01. ( )


Thanks.....I used a sewing needle and punched about 6 holes in the back of the ear.

I'll let you know what happends.

Another Strange Thought...

This response submitted by Leanna on 8/10/01. ( )

Maybe the ear that didn't dry was not shaved down as thin, and or possibly it had more tanning oil and hide adhesive in that spot.

I was going to suggest "air flow" but was not ambiguous to the ambience of the subject at hand.

Ambient ambience or ambivalence

This response submitted by CUR on 8/10/01. ( WILDART@prodigy,net )

E. All of the above.

An abundance of hide paste would cause a sealant effect and slow drying as well as would a thicker hide. Punchin a hole in it will end the problem, regardless. The only proper way to mount a hog is on a platter, surrounded by roast veggies with an apple in its mouth....did I hear the dinner bell?


This response submitted by Leanna on 8/10/01. ( )

I doubt the ringing you heard was the "dinner bell". LOL

One way to a man's heart.....

This response submitted by Lisa on 8/10/01. ( )

is through his stomach! You knew that Leanna....and who's cook'in fer ya Cur?



Which night, Lisa?

This response submitted by CUR on 8/13/01. ( )

You've heard the old addage...too many cooks spoil the broth....not so in my kitchen. I cook for me. At times a lady friend will take pity on an old man and cook a meal or two or three, if I am lucky....

Leanna, that ringing is always a dinner bell, no matter where or why it


This response submitted by Lisa on 8/13/01. ( )

Your choice... A good old down home fashion meal? Whatever...

Dont' forget though...I like my wine aged with the finest of vintage grapes...

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