Moose cape in the boonies

Submitted by Doug on 8/30/01. ( )

( After a trip through the archives, I still want to know....)
I am headed to Newfoundland in 3 weeks to hunt moose. If I get a bull I want to bring the cape back and mount it. I've done lots of deer caping, splitting, and salting etc., but doing a moose has me concerned. My outfitter does not know I am a taxidermist. I was told the guide would remove the cape and then it would be salted for the trip home. Sounds like I could spend all of my time hunting! I have also been told by a few colleagues that the muzzle and nose of a moose is VERY thick and that applying salt will not prevent spoiling because the salt won't penetrate deep enough. Ditto for the bell. To me this means that the nose has to be fleshed down to...1/4" or less? I don't want to have the cape spoil, but I don't want to spend hours at fleshing a cape either. Can someone who has experience with moose capes give me some advice on how much tissue NEEDS to be removed from a moose cape (esp. the nose) before the salt goes on? By the way, this outfitter is WAY back in the electricity for freezing, so salting is the only way of preserving the cape before it is flown out after the 7 day hunt.

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moose head preservation

This response submitted by rod on 8/30/01. ( )

Hello Doug I am a taxidermist living in the boonies in Newfoundland.
I mounted 75 moose heads last year for american hunters. I would definatly
split the nose and the beard before salting. not very good at typing
so if you want more info. please call at (709) 955-2555

you are in for a treat

This response submitted by Elmer on 8/30/01. ( )

Doug you better have a lot of time on your hands. The nostrils are going to be a big pain real thick cartilidge you don't need that much though but you are going to be cussing. Split it all take a big knife you will need it the cartilidge is a half inch thick lots of fat too but you need to get it thinned for salt if its a big bull the bell needs to be split all the way. get all the meat off ans salt. Call me if you have any questions or maybe get that taxidermist to do it while you wait might cost you a little but what do you want to do. Are you going to caribou hunt also? I had a customer go a couple years ago have your hiking boots on and good luck.

Geez Doug

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 8/30/01. ( )

JL and I spent 20 minutes explaining this to you the other night in the chat, what didnt you get? We explained how to seperate the septum into two halves, split the sides of the nostrils, to turn them out, told you about how thin the ear skin is in back, that you split, not shave, split the bell (even gave you two different methods). So, what else is there? I get the sneaking suspicion you ARE gonna be in for a surprise...

Slow learner

This response submitted by Doug on 8/31/01. ( )

Thanks for the responses. Rod, any "boonies" anywhere is God's country. You are a lucky fella! (My grandson's name is Boone!) ELMER: I have a whole thesaurus of cuss words to study up on before I leave. I figure to have enough to swear for about 4 hours. Can I do a moose in 4 hrs? No caribou hunting, but we can hunt bear if we fill the moose tags and have some days left. I have some new knee high rubber boots...also useful when you start on me with your giant perch
And Bill, I knew you'd nail me about that. I appreciate all of the advice you and Jean gave me....sandwiched between all of that stuff about bare white skin!(LOL) I listened as fast as I could, but I am
intellectually challenged, academically disenfranchized, intuitively
deficient, conceptually decrepid, and proceed perceptually at a possum's pace. Educational research suggests that individuals need to be given the same message 6 times before it becomes internalized. I believe I have been told 5 times how to work on a moose cape. WHOSE NEXT...EH?

Newfie Taxidermist

This response submitted by Rod on 8/31/01. ( )

Doug how are you coming to newfoundland. Where are you going to be
hunting at here in newfoundland. If you are going to be close by
will be glad to help you out. I live 34 km. from the port aux basque
ferry. If you are driving here you will pass my door step. Drop by
and visit our Wildlife Museum. I have a full mounted bull moose on
display here.

Hey Bud

This response submitted by CUR on 8/31/01. ( )

Throw away those knee highs and get yourself a pair of Ranger or Cabela's "ankle fit" hip boots. You are in for some walking and only the ankle fit type boots will get you through it. Been there, done that........Take along a seat pad, too cuz you are going to have a wet butt!

Can you cape a moose in four hours?....You bet!.....Can you split out and prep a moose cape in four hours....You bet!......Can you shave and scrape and salt a moose cape in four hours? Sure you can!....Lemme see, this is your first time, huh? Well, 4 and 4 and 4 is 12 hours. Give or take some conniption fits......Allow a day for it......see ya, good luck.

just the same, Doug

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 9/1/01. ( )

Good luck on your trip, and throw away your watch, that oughtta help! Hope you do well...

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