Two year old frozen antelope cape

Submitted by Kyle on 8/30/01. ( )

This weekend I plan to finally work on an antelope that I killed in September of 1999. It has been caped and frozen in plastic bags for two years and I plan to have it commercially wet tanned. Should I be concerned with it due to the time it has been in the freezer ? I would like to flesh and salt it on Saturday and appreciate any tips or comments. Thanks.

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Should be fine, if you find a little freezer burn

This response submitted by John C on 8/30/01. ( )

You may need to injct the ears start at the tips and use a salt/water solution. Remmber to keep it cool as antelope are prone to slippage due to the high heat holding ability of thier hair so as you thaw it unroll it too. Remove as much meat from the glands as you can this will help later when mounting. Salt it at a steep slat to the fluids drain fast away.

Thanks John C

This response submitted by Kyle on 8/30/01. ( )

I'll give it a try

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