Need some help on a fallow deer shoulder mount

Submitted by James on 8/10/01. ( )

Hello! And thanks for the help.I would like to do a fallow deer open mouth shoulder mount.I can't find a jaw set for a fallow deer
can I use a whitetail jaw set or a jaw set of some other deer
Thanks again James

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This response submitted by MATTS TAXIDERMY on 8/12/01. ( )

A fallow deer and a whitetail are two diffrent animals in body and bone structure a fallows front teeth are wide and a whitetails are narrow but call me i may have a set of fallow teeth 3527998845.

Check with

This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 8/13/01. ( )

Lone Star taxidermy they have a lot of exotic jawsets/tusks. Or try VDykes Don Holt has much of the same.

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