need help doing clay work on eyes and mounting antlers

Submitted by Don Pearson on 8/13/01. ( )

I need some help doing the clay work around the eyes and mounting the antlers on the head form. It always takes me along time to do both. Anyone with helpful tips or know of any book or video I could use, please send them to me. Sorry but I do not have a computer. Please send to: Don Pearson 4548 Nevada av. n. Crystal MN.55428 Thanks, D. Pearson

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try this

This response submitted by JEM on 8/14/01. ( )

Don, Van Dykes has a pre made eye lid. It is a rubber capsule that is a finished upper and lower lid. You can mount it into any form by enlarging the hole with a 1 1/2" spade drill. Cuts eye time to a few minutes - works great for commercial mounts (use a good epoxy adhesive).
Antler mounting should come with time - make sure you cut the skull right. I typically cut mine big and then trim it to fit the form - no to little shimming required. When I do need shimming I use dry wall screws ( 4 of them under the '4 corners' of the skull plate). Raise or lower until they are where you need them to be. Then screw down the skull plate and build up with clay. Oh, use a good adhesive around the burrs and of course always shave the hide thin for both of these areas.


This response submitted by NG on 8/14/01. ( )

Buy yourself athe Breakthrough whitetail manual. They do make Synchron eye capsules, but if you learn to model and set the eyes yourself youre alot better off. I wouldnt recommend those eye capsules to anyone. You say you wanna learn eye setting, and horn mounting? Get some reference, and the Breakthrough manual, and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!NG

eyes rite

This response submitted by BC on 8/14/01. ( )

Try Rinehart's eyes rite forms. They work great! They are easy and fast to use. Saves time on eye work.

Don don't have a computer guys....

This response submitted by Jeff on 8/15/01. ( )

I think he wanted you guys to mail him what you typed. Call me stupid but thats how I read it.

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