antler velvet

Submitted by Terry on 8/21/01. ( )

I did some searching in the archives and just didn't see what I was looking for. If a guy wanted to take a set of stripped caribou antlers and give the appearance of velvet, what are my options? I know RM performs the task for a price that I'm not aware of. No, I haven't called them to ask, but from what I read they do great work. However, I'm on a limited budget (as many of us are) and would like to know ideas or thoughts about doing it in house. I've read about using flock, but it's nothing I've ever had the chance to try. Anybody with experiences or advice they'd be willing to pass along? The antlers are mine, not a customer's, so risk is pretty minimal. Thanks in advance for all who are willing to share their knowledge. :)


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This response submitted by b.s.rhea on 8/21/01. ( )

I re-did a set of deer antlers once that mice had made a meal of.I used the greenish grey flocking.they looked better than the originals.

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