Longhorn steer

Submitted by shane on 8/16/01. ( riverbottomstaxidermy@Yahoo.com )

I received a call about doing a shoulder mount of a Longhorn Steer. Any thing special I should know about one of these before I quote the individual a price? I am not asking for info on how to price, I have learned that the hard way. Just wondering if their is anything extra difficult about one of these other than the size. Doesn't appear to be a wide range of sizes for these forms. I thought I might have to do a considerable amount of size alteration. Will my standard size mounting stand hold the thing up? Cape would be proffessionaly tanned.

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check tanning costs 1st

This response submitted by JEM on 8/16/01. ( )

Shane,might be wise to check with your tannery on the cost - you might be shocked. If your stand will hold a moose it should hold the steer. You are correct in that your form choices will be limited. good luck.


This response submitted by George on 8/17/01. ( georoof@aol.com )

Be prepared to do a LOT of form alterations. Cowhide does not have the elasticity of wild game hides. I suspect it's much like the African hides in that respect. Any stand that would support an elk will work. You only mount the horn cases on the stubs of the horn cores so that there is negligible weight problems.

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