antler stain

Submitted by J.L. Mooney on 8/22/01. ( )

I just stained a set of antlers using patassium permaganate. How can I obtain a more realistic appearence, the stain appears to be flat and looks stained.

is there something I can put on the antlers to give it more of a shine.

any advice is welcome, Thanks J.L. Mooney

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Wire wheel

This response submitted by Mark C on 8/22/01. ( )

I like to use a cup wire wheel in a hand grinder. I go over the entire surface and it lightens the bumps while leaving the dark color in the creases. It will also leave a nice sheen to the antler and is allot easier and quicker than using steel wool.
Hope this helps


This response submitted by George on 8/22/01. ( )

I do it a little differently. When I stain with KMNO4, I keep a bottle of 50/50 linseed/turpentine close by. I stain almost to the edges but leave the "wear" areas without. I immediately wash the stain with 50/50. This allows the KMNO4 to "bleed" out gently and gives a soft lustre to the stain. The 50/50 is then wiped off with a soft cloth leaving the soft luster and within a few hours, both liquids will be totally absorbed by the porous antler leaving it looking "natural".

Old Antlers

This response submitted by Nic on 8/30/01. ( )

I have a pair of antlers bought on the roadside in Lapland about 45 years ago. They have never been treated with anything, but do not seem to be worse off for that, although they must be very brittle. After all the years, I want to mount them, but I am a little concerned about what I can safely use to protect and spruce them up a bit. Can someone help a novice ? Is, for instance, George's linseed/turpentine safe to use on untreated antlers as old as these ?

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