WHAT is this on this HOGs hair?

Submitted by Don Sherpy on 8/18/01. ( )

I was prepping a hog cape, that has been comercialy wet tanned, for mounting and noticed something on some of the indivisual hairs.... If you look at a single hair (mainly located on the chest area, where the hair is thin) you can see tiny light tan colored "seed looking" ?things? attached to the lower half of the hair. It looks like miniture parnicales. A single hair may have 10 to 20 of these things on them. They are evenly spaced and all around the hair shaft. They are about 1/32 of an inch long and alittle smaller in diameter, with a brown tip. Could they be some kind of parasite egg? I do remember now that when I was capping it out it was covered with some kind or tick looking critter.... but with stripes. The hog was killed in the hill country of Texas early this spring. This a new one for me? I hope I explainned it well enough for someone to beable to identify these things. Thanks in advance, now back to mounting this "oinker".

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Eggs of the Louse,

This response submitted by John C on 8/18/01. ( )

Most hogs are loaded with them, once tanned they are not a problem.

Yuk just tink about a Dped hide.

you cant remove them

This response submitted by mark on 8/19/01. ( mnmstuffit@aol )

so try to hide them by matching the color of the hair in that area and paint them.
good luck

Don, we missed you

This response submitted by Dodie Wilkins on 8/19/01. ( wildart@hot1.net )

We missed you at the board meeting on Saturday, please e-mail me for an update

Did you degrease the hide?

This response submitted by MattC on 8/20/01. ( mbchoate@twlakes.net )

I never have any after degreasing...and I mount over 300 a year.

Also , Even if you had used the DP they will not hatch. I use DP on all my boar and never have had any hatch out...They die once the body heat leaves the hog.

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