Elk paint schedule

Submitted by Taylor on 8/24/01. ( Firewater372@aol.com )

I have my reference but I am still looking for an elk paint schedule. I checked the archives but did not find anything. I would rather to use oils but I also have polytraspar airbrush paints.


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WASCO deer books

This response submitted by John C on 8/24/01. ( )

Man-o-man they books have the answers, brand, colors and way to apply. Even which brushes to buy.

Checked WASCO......

This response submitted by Taylor on 8/25/01. ( )

I checked WASCO, Jonas, Van Dykes, and McKenzie. The Whitetail manual and the Whitetail/Mule Deer System do not cover elk. I did order a video hoping that a schedule would be included at the end but it did not.

Anyone else?



This response submitted by Paul on 8/29/01. ( paulstax2000@yahoo.com )

Jonas catolog # 107 has a paint schedule in the back for elk. Other north american and african scheduals are there also.

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