Submitted by DAVE on 8/25/01. ( )

After letting the horns rot off the cores, I boil the skullplate/cores.What is the quickest way to get the smell off of the
horns? I usually use ammonia, but this seems like it takes forever.
I have a set that I just split and have to mount on Mon. Any suggestions on how to get rid of the smell by then. Thanks

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This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 8/25/01. ( )

The smell is caused by bacteria that has been working on the skin between the shell and the bone. You could kill it with clorox or other bleech. This works well on the skull if you don't leave it too long. But, I think bleech would damage the horns. So, I would recommend a dilute mix of folmalyn or formaldyhide. This has always worked great for me. It wont damage the shells.
I know it works


This response submitted by Jeff Z. on 8/25/01. ( )

I too let the horns rot off but I place the horns in a drum with a little water, they usually pop off in about 4-5 days. I then cut off the excess core & boil. I take the horns & scrub the outside with an antibacterial soap & fill them with DP, then shake out the excess. If you do this while they are wet, the DP will stick to the horn interior & this helps bug proof them & absorb some of the smell. I let them dry for 2 weeks before placing them back on the cores.

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