Got a question for you safari guys.

Submitted by Jeff on 8/27/01. ( )

I just had a buddy go to Africa. After taking a trophy eland (common), he measured the A and B measurments. He's not a taxidermist, but I told hm where to measure. Anyway, the A was 14" and B was 43". I have not found a form to fit an eland that large yet. I don't plan on ordering a form until I get the cape and measure it myself, but I'm just curious to where I can find one that big. Or did he just measure wrong? Preciate the help.

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Wait it out

This response submitted by Elmer on 8/27/01. ( )

It it probably not correct so I would wait for it and get it tanned then go with the measurements.

The measurement depends

This response submitted by CUR on 8/28/01. ( )

How the tape was run and the position of the dewlap. One supplier lists a 12 3/4 X 42 for $139.95. The 1 1/4 inch build-out is a no sweat option for the "A" measurement. If the tape was run along the contour, that could make a difference. Elmer is right, wait for the cape and go from there. 1-800-535-8220 will get you the form.

By the way Boyz

This response submitted by Lisa on 8/28/01. ( )

Elmer and Cur...the conversation isn't finished yet!

Cur.......[a supply company]?

This response submitted by Boycott on 8/28/01. ( )

Trust me...I'm not looking to open up a big ole can of worms here, but,you did'nt leave a Company name with the (1-800) number here. And I know that you never hesitate to use a companies name on the Forums, weather it be a good thing to say or bad.This surprised me a bit, coming from a man like your self. So, I decided to call this number to find out what company you were refering to.And when they answered "[a supply company] Taxidermy Supply" I about fell off my chair.
Now I understand why you did'nt provide a Company name to go along with the phone number.
I know that you're an extremely inteligent man. I will never argue this point with you or anyone out here,BUT....everything you write and the way you put things on this Forums have lead me to believe that your a man of certain morals and convictions.Now....I'm totally confused.I dont mean to offend...but as for me....I'll stick with the old saying...."JUST SAY NO"!



This response submitted by Same as above on 8/28/01. ( Same as above )

It must realy be bad. I typed in the company's name and it come up (a supply company). Why wont the put [a supply company]s name on the Forums anyways? I bet I can say the name "McKenzie" or "Jonas" or "Research" on this forums.
Hmmmmmm...must be something to this!
Oh well, I think you got my point!



This response submitted by buzzy on 8/28/01. ( )

have done many and found you will probably cutting off dewlap from form. have never found one to fit properly. do not get a form too big or youll be sorry get one a shade small

Well, let me say this about that....

This response submitted by CUR on 8/29/01. ( )

I have done business with the (Supply Company) on and off for years. Many times they have had a position or form that I couldn't find anywhere else. that doesn't mean I wear their hat, or Tee shirt, but I am a man of simple methods when it comes to outputing my work: I live by two major predicates. 1.) Never throw a skunk at someone, you might miss and the smell may remain on you. 2.) The vendor who has what I need is never my friend, or bedmate, just my supplier.

I don't care who did what to whom, or why, when I need something, I am not going to cut off my nose to spite my face. Just this year, I had to turn to the (Supply Company) for a form that I couldn't get anywhere else. Now, I don't get Xmas cards from those folks, and am not even sure what happened to cause the pain and anger, nor do I care, it ain't family, it is just business.

The day I get their catalog in the mail and one of my works of art is on the cover, I will head there with a riot gun and an attitude. Until that happens, I'll keep their wish book in the "In case all else fails" file, just in case. I have never listed supplier credits on my outgoing work.......never figured the customer cared about what was inside the critter.

To tell the truth, I have no clue about the name crap, who did what to whom, or when, but I know that one name pays for all this fun, and I respect them for it. The last time I used the (Supply Company's) name on a post, the post dissappeared, pronto. I am not a stupid man, if the host doesn't want a certain name in here, I am not going to make the mistake of inviting them to the party with a holler and a handshake.

I would gaither...

This response submitted by Lisa on 8/30/01. ( )

that this conversation is finished......

(Supply Company)

This response submitted by Same as above on 8/30/01. ( )

I appreciate what you said.....But......does that mean you would feel comfortable to buy your fire arms from a terrorist or buy a new sterio system still in its box out of the back of a van in a dark alley? How would you feel if someone took a piece of your art work, made a copy of it and put it up for sale without your permision? How would you feel about all your family and friends purchasing these items from this guy? Do you think that he deserves to remain in business? If this was truely the situation,would YOU do business with this guy? "So what" if he's not your buddy. There is realy no gray area between RIGHT and WRONGE! At least the courts and other mold makers did'nt think so!
No sir.....I dont and WONT agree with you on this one, no matter how desperat I was. I refuse to comprimise "MY MORALS" for a different pose of a mannikin!

gosh, this AGAIN?

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 9/3/01. ( )

CUR, thats kinda dissappointing. He stole from OUR friends, or at least our suppliers. A person has to be accountable, and stand up for what they believe in. I sure cant support people like them in ANY way. Congrats, same-as-above and boycott, I agree with you both.

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