smelly coyote

Submitted by tdr on 10/12/01. ( )

I have a shoulder mount coyote that I tanned with Liqua-tan. Now it smells like liqua tan and coyote urine. need help in getting rid of the odor for good. I salted it twice then fleshed it, rinsed in cold water many times ,then pickled it with oxalic acid. then rinsed again in cold water after neutrilizeing the cape,in which would get rid of the odor. but as you can tell it didnt work. PLEASE ADVISE. any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks TDR

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This response submitted by Rick on 10/13/01. ( )

Try shampooing the cape with a good quality shampoo such as pert.
Sounds to me like you forgot one important step, degreasing.
All furbearers should be degreased before tanning, I also scrape the hide with a dull scalple or butter knife before I degrease it, this releases the oil out of the skin which is probably the source of your oder problem. hope this helps. Rick

Dawn fer me

This response submitted by CUR on 10/13/01. ( )

Scrub the fire out of like it was a dirty diaper. Use dawn solution and wash in a tub or vat. Change water several times until it remains clear, indicating all the "yote" goobers are out of the skin and fur. Rinse three times, or until there is no soap residue. Proceed to the tanning steps. I use a curriers comb if their are any snarls and a medium-soft brush to scrub the fur. Good pelts won't slip or be damaged no matter how rough the scrubbing.

Another suggestion

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I had the same odor problems with coyoties also, but I have found that spraying the beast with "Freebries" or one of the other odor eliminators work with great success. They need to be sprayed over the entire drying the time its dry...odors are gone for good. Have one in my house hanging for 3 years now and odor has never resurfaced. Just my two cents worth....


This response submitted by TDR on 10/16/01. ( )

i just wanted to thank everyone for the help. i tried the pert shampoo with great results. i did use a degreaser but appearently it didnt do the job. thanks again. tdr.

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