wild boar

Submitted by Jim on 10/14/01. ( bmacontaxdrmy@kricket.net )

I just got in my first boar head to mount.
The customer wants it mounted with its natural teeth and tusk.
Does anyone know of video tape that shows the start to finish of doing a wild boar using the natural teeth and tusk.
If so were can I purchase one.

Thanks for any help,

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This response submitted by CUR on 10/14/01. ( WILDART@prodigy.net )

Your customer wants to go back to the basics. I know of no video, but then again, I am pretty shallow where the how to videos are concerned.

The boar's teeth are, of course, set into the jaw and the skull. In order to use the real McCoy, you will have to chop and channel the bone to free the teeth and their bone sockets into four separate segments, clean and fit them to the form and then rebuild the gums with colored wax or all-game.

Before I outline the procedure, let me ask you a question: When you say, "teeth" do you mean just the upper and lower tusks, or the full set of teeth? If you only intend to use the upper and lower tusks, the procedure is much simpler. I will provide a procedure after that question is answered. Thank you.

Don't do it.

This response submitted by George on 10/14/01. ( georoof@aol.com )

The reason we stopped doing it that way was that the teeth aged and cracked so badly. Your's is no different. Convince your customer to have the skull cleaned and bleached and have TWO trophies instead of one that will ultimately end up a toothless wonder in a few years.

fake teeth

This response submitted by Don on 10/23/01. ( dmoss1412@hotmail.com )

check out nookenster supply for tusks and whets
these are the best I've seen, you can even get them painted, can't tell 'em from the real thing and they don't crack after a few years like the real ones do.

Teeth wont crack if you do this...

This response submitted by Matt on 10/28/01. ( mbchoate@twlakes.net )

Imount over 300 boar a year and about half get their natural teeth. Get some Fiberglass from any ayto body section of your local "Wal-Mart" and mix and fill tusk with it. I have boar mountes mounted by me that are over 10 years old and the teeth havent cracked. The man that I worked under had boar mounts over 25 years old done the same way and they hadnt cracked either.

boar jawsets

This response submitted by grant on 11/11/01. ( )

I order the forms that already have the jawsets installed.
I them cut the jaw bones off clearing the tusk and the boil
them. The tusk then come out very easy and I use the original
tusk with the artifical jawset. It turns out very well


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