horn truobles

Submitted by Dan on 10/17/01. ( dan@bucktownmounts.com )

I got a ram in back in march I froze the horns becuase I usealy rot them off and it was to cold to put them out side for that. so I froze them and thought I would do it latter and they goy freezer burn so i soaked them in water to get them working agian and now there still stuck a mounth later ther rotting the smell terible but they still won't move.

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Time wounds all heels..

This response submitted by CUR on 10/17/01. ( WILDART@prodigy.net )

I suggest soaking in water on alternate days to allow the slow rehydration of the dehydrated tissue. Too cold to put outside, so you froze them? I will think about that one for a while. You can use a beer culture to generate beneficial bacteria growth. No kidding! Invert the horns and dribble some beer so that it can soak under the sheaths. The beer will provide a culture base for bacteria to bloom and aid your process.

Worm Hole

This response submitted by Critter on 10/17/01. ( crttrs99@jvlnet.com )

Here's what I've done with several stubborn horns. Drill a small hole about 2/3rds the way up the horn which should be near the end of the core. Then resoak the horns for a day or two and put in a container or bag to sweat the moisture in. I use soapy water to do this. This way it works from both ends. Also be sure you have loosened up the boss area as far as you can slide a screwdriver , dental too or whatever up along the core.
Good luck.
Dirty stinky job but someones gotta do it.......lol

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