? on Elk cape

Submitted by Jim on 10/17/01. ( )

I recently got a cape in from an outfitter. It had been moderately flesshed, and ears turned. However, it was not salted, looks like it had been left to air dry then frozen. Very stiff and hard. I need to flesh out the face, turn the lips and eye lids. My question is this, do I need to rehydrate the cape, towel dry it and salt it? If I salt it right now the salt will not take. Anyone who has dealt with this problem any advise would be helpful, thanks

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This response submitted by Master of all Hides on 10/18/01. ( )

Go ahead and soak that cape, get it soft enough to work on, if ya have a tumbler, use that to help pull out the moisture or hang it, let it drip a good deal. Then do the lips and the fleashing of the face, pile the salt on, try to do this pretty early in the day, by the late afternoon...you need to get this skin hanging, so that the remaining moisture can drip away. You will need to do this in a days time, put a fan on it also, dont want it to be wet for too long, you will start to loose hair. hope this helps.

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