Is the Elk Cape Good?

Submitted by Jeff on 10/18/01. ( )

I have a customer that just moved to town and he wants me to mount an elk for him. The only thing is that the elk cape was professionally dry tanned about 6 years ago and has been in the freezer since. Is the cape still good and how would you tell if it wasn't? I've always used liquid tan on my mounts, so what do you have to do different for a dry tanned cape? Rehydrating, etc. Any answers will be appreciated. Thanks!

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Test it

This response submitted by Elmer on 10/19/01. ( Topstaxidermy )

Test a corner of the cape first a tan that long ago should still hold up . Usually 1 lb of salt to a gallon of water to soak the hide in for about 30 minutes take out then sweat in refrigerator over night. I also use water and downy 50/50 and rub it into the hide until it won't take anymore then sweat it overnight. Check the archives should be plenty on this.

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