reattaching antlers?

Submitted by dom on 10/21/01. ( )

I just received an old mount that has two pegs in each antler base, it has been put together and took apart several times. Needless to say it isn't holding any longer. I have never attached antlers this way, and wonder why any one would. But my first question is how or what do I use to reattach permanently? And why have or use detachable antlers.

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There are commercial joining devices availble through most suppliers. Check out the WASCO and other catalogs for those hardware components.

I am sure that there are numerous reasons for attaching antlers in that fashion. Some are: Shed antlers are often attached to mounts. Some hunters mistakenly used to saw antlers off at the base, only to decide later to mount the animal. Some antlers are detached for portabiliity reasons, especially with large antlered game such as elk or caribou or moose. Once in a while a hunter may decide to "upgrade" his mounted trophy with a larger rack taken at a later date. Some animals are head shot, either by intent or accident and the resulting mess is corrected by cutting off the antlers and attaching them to a fapricated base. There are dozens of other reasons, these are just a few that come to mind.

REPAIR: I would suggest wetting the "pegs" and the holes and then adding All-Game or Apoxie Clay to the holes and fitting the pegs into their respective sockets. Clean up any excess that oozes out and use binding and blocking to hold the antlers in place until the material has set. Touch up any material that shows with the correct blending color, and that should be the end of the problem.

Detachable Antlers

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If you ever get the chance (or bad luck) to mount a B-I-G moose, you won't ever ask that question again. Detachables sure make working on those big horses a whole lot easier. And when you finish it, you can get it out the door and into the hunters house without tearing a wall out.

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