1st moose, keep your fingers croossed for me!

Submitted by Don Sherpy on 10/21/01. ( )

I am starting my first moose head. Caint wait to "get into it". When I think about it, I think I could, "get into it". This thing is HUGE!
I have had the cape commercially wet tanned. I just finished attaching the head to the shoulders on the form. I hope its strong enough? I drilled a hole in both halfs about 8 or 10 inches deep and big enough for a 2X2. Then I doug out some of the matting surfaces with a claw hammer and used two part foam to attach. I made four relief holes so the foam would have a place to expand and not force the two parts apart.
I have also made a base to set the thing on the floor, nose up. The base is a piece of 3/4 plywood with casters on the bottom. Seems to be OK. No way that my stand would ever hold this monster... I can see my self setting on the floor for a while sewing this thing up. I do plan on pre sewing as much as I can.
Any tips on attaching the horns would be appreciated. Its a average moose, with average horns. I have been planning to use one hex headed lag bolt in the middle towards the back (where I will cover the head with my clay work), and a few LARGE flat head wood screws every were else.
I also have been planning on using a full Nose hanger. I do have a large plastic hanger, but the steel one seems to be the way to go.
If anyone sees a problem with "my plan", let me know. Any and ALL suggestions would be great!
Well.......here we go!.............

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Don, Get a bigger hanger

This response submitted by George on 10/21/01. ( georoof@aol.com )

The Maxi Sawtooth hangers are better for these big brutes, regardless what the advertisements would have you to believe.

I would use 4 lag bolts

This response submitted by Dave Toms on 10/23/01. ( )

Don I would use four lag bolts and then I would also fiberglass the horns on. They are big and you can bet when your hunter handles it , it will be by the horns. Ditto to what Geo said about the hanger. Have fun


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