Africa shipping

Submitted by Randall on 10/22/01. ( )

Could some one tell me what is required to have skins from Africa shipped to you. I have a customer that has some skins in africa, he was told that they could not be shipped to him. I have never delt with any Africa shipments before. I live in Alabama . Thanks

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Contact Your Tanner

This response submitted by Old Fart on 10/22/01. ( )

Contact the tanner that handles your capes, they do it all the time and can direct you as to the proper proceedures.

red tape

This response submitted by buzzy on 10/22/01. ( )

you need a dept of agriculture license which is a lot of bullcrap. you need chemicals and sealed rooms to store stuff. and if you have a local vet in charge like we do you have to be a ass kisser too. he thinks he can make his own rules . save hassle and have customer send right to tanneryt in care of you

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