Help on value of Caribou Antlers

Submitted by Michael Spencer on 10/23/01. ( )

I have a set of caribou antlers that I think would be considered meium in size (although I do not know how they measure these). They are in excellent shape with the exception of a small hole (about 1/8th of an inch drilled through one of the tines. I have no idea how this got there or why, but it is not very visible at all and could likely be fixed easily. They are mounted professionally on a walnut plaque with brown felt over the antler base. They look very sharp.

I am interested in selling these on this forum but would like to get an idea of a fair market value. Any help guys?

Thanks much!

Michael Spencer

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maybe interested

This response submitted by Kelly on 10/23/01. ( )

Hey - let me know what you have to have for the set of antlers when you find out. I have an extra cape and would like to have one for display. e-mail me with details. Thanks.


This response submitted by buzzy on 10/24/01. ( )

depending on species they are worth whatever some one is willing to pay I have sold a bunch I would start out at $200 you can always come down,

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