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I'll let you have the headliner for a while....
On behalf of everyone you've aided with reference, etc...
There arent enough "thank you's".
Still say a potato peeler might work in a pinch!
Happy weekend!

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Another thank you

This response submitted by Mark on 10/26/01. ( )

One of the "stupid ones"
This response submitted by Mark on 10/26/01. ( )
I guess I could be considered one of the "Stupid Ones" that is short on knowledge about certain aspects of taxidermy.....but I love this site and keep on asking questions and have had nothing but great responses and help. (Especially from ole' grumpy CUR! ;) ) I love this site and try to make sure I search the site before ask questions so they aren't redundant. I NEVER by the way try to cheapen the art by shortcuts and it seems that normally when someone gets a "smart ass answer" it has to do with short cuts. (I guess I won't ask if PLAY DO and CRITTER CLAY is the same). CUR, didn't think you and Bill were being that a matter of fact I thought it was humorous.....and I think the poster understood that his source of information was wrong unless his source was mounting Mr Potato Head.
Thanks again guys for all your help in the past...even when you don't know it.

CUR Grumpy?

This response submitted by Mark C on 10/27/01. ( )

Sorry but you probably have CUR mixed up with Mr. Roof. George is a little older and Cur is that horny old dude in the chats.

Anyway, both these guy's along with many others who have continuously offered their time to assist me when needed. My hat is off to all of you(no balding yet Bill), who give your valuable time to help those who need it.

He didn't use to be that way

This response submitted by Elmer on 10/30/01. ( )

Till he got his Viagra. LOL A wealth of knowledge and a valuable contributor to this site. Thanks for being a friend and source of knowledge.

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