elk shoulder mount

Submitted by joe on 10/28/01. ( jtg@greatlakes.net )

What is the going rate for a elk shoudler mount? I do mostly deerheads& gamebirds here in Michigan. any input would be appreciated. jg

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This response submitted by Lars on 10/29/01. ( )

$925 for me here in MOntana, but Iv'e seen em'here for $500.The price goes up, the farther west you travel, and seems to fall lower than that when you travel east.


This response submitted by Elmer on 10/30/01. ( Topstaxidermy @aol.com )

Open up pandoras box here wish you can get what Lars does. But anywheres from 500 and up here in the wolverine state. Depends on open mouth add extra. Charge accordingly. Take into consideration the amount of time you have in the mount cost of materials and tanning. If I was you I would consider 600 to start then increase for the open mouth. Hope this helps.

East coast

This response submitted by Paul on 10/30/01. ( paulstax2000@yahoo.com )

$850.00 here in Jersey for closed mouth, some guys are close to $500.00 for a deer mount.

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