Hair loss on old Mounts

Submitted by John Ramos on 10/3/01. ( )

I am planning on reconditioning two old head mounts. One is a mule deer and the other is a pronghorn antelope. Everytime the mounts are handled, individual hairs fall out. Is there a product or procedure that will stop hair loss? This is not slippage, it is more like shedding.

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It's called brittleness!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 10/4/01. ( )

What you are seeing is why using WT Deerskins for chair covers or rugs is not a great idea. Actually those hairs you see "shedding" are actually snapping off at the root. It's what happens to hollow hair with age - they become brittle and break off - usually close to the root.

There is no way to completely solve this problem - however - it can be slowed down somewhat by spraying the hair with a wig product containing liquid lanolin! Rittels sells lanolin perfection - but there are other products you can also buy at beauty supply stores. By spraying, the lanolin will add some flexiblity to the hairs and slow down the process. You may have to do it again next year. Eventually you will have to simply replace the capes.


This response submitted by CUR on 10/4/01. ( )

I have some friends who have fall-out problems, too. Will that work for them? (Some of their egos are pretty brittle....)


This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 10/4/01. ( )

It probably would! Or at least give them a "shine" and a pleasant smell! LOL!

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