elk cape odors

Submitted by Jim S. on 10/6/01. ( )

Only mounted 2 elk so far, using liquid tan, both elk had strong
elk odor when dried. I prefer to use the liquid tan again, but am wondering if an extra step will rid the elk odor. Any tips are appreciated.

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What are your steps

This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 10/6/01. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

Tell use first on how you prepare the cape. This way we can see what you have missed.

elk cape tanning

This response submitted by jim S on 10/7/01. ( )

Elk cape was salted, drained, fleshing wheel 'fleshed', then eyes,ears and lips split, placed in pickle for 3 days, washed in knoblocks Kemal-4 , drained, shaved on wheel, then liquitan , rolled
and frozen untill mount day. After drying, and finish work, 'elky'
smell exists, I would like to eliminate this odor on the 2 elk capes
recently brought into my shop. Any ideas ? Help !


This response submitted by Big Al on 10/15/01. ( )

Splitting the eyes, ears and lips should have been done before salting!
I don't know about the stink, but I would'nt Liqua-Tan anything
larger than a small mammal.
A good commercial is preferrable.
I've never used Kemal-4 but it is a detergent/degreaser which
should be used before the pickle. Maybe the stink is locked in by your pickle.

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