bear skull

Submitted by NES on 10/6/01. ( )

What is the best and/or easy way to attach a bear skull to a solid oak wall panel. Thanks in advance.

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Try this

This response submitted by Elmer on 10/6/01. ( )

I use a wooden dowel 5 minute epoxey or bondo it into the skull through the spinal hole. Drill a hole in the panel and ensure the rod fits and the length is correct then attach it. Put a couple drops of 5 minute on the underside where the jaw rests and you are in business.


This response submitted by CUR on 10/7/01. ( )

Leave it to a Marine to come up with the peg in the hole trick.....If you glue down the jaw, how do it bite?

Very carefully

This response submitted by Elmer on 10/7/01. ( )

and if you are close enough

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