Moose Head Prices

Submitted by Rick on 10/8/01. ( )

A guy came in with a moose head to be mounted. (med.-Lg.) I quoted $1,200.00 because I did one for 850.00 a few years ago and thought it was too low for the work involved. I do quality work but was wondering what you moose experts charge for a professional moose shoulder mount. Thanks for your imput.

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moose price

This response submitted by jim marsico on 10/8/01. ( )

I charge $975. for a shiras here in Wyo. and get about 5 per year, thats been my price for 4 years now, they are a lot of work and Id charge even more but some really good shops around here do them for "alot" less, taxidermyitous syndrom is my thought for them.

Jim Should Charge More

This response submitted by George on 10/8/01. ( )

Cause I know he does better work than I do, but I don't bat an eye when I tell them $1200 for Canadian, $1500 for Alaskan. I KNOW I can mount 3 whitetails in the time it takes me to do one moose and the physical beating they cause is really worse than the big Kodiaks I mounted a few months back. I figure they pay $6000 to go shoot one, they can at least 'fess up 20% more for the mount. If not, let them abuse somebody else.


This response submitted by jim marsico on 10/8/01. ( )

Geo. Thanks for the compliment, I should charge more, its a sickness with me I cannt help it and I cannt overcome it. Is there a taxidermiholic org. than can help me, but alas after 30+ years full time its to late Im afraid. I just raised my price on moose to 1200.

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