Bull Moose form for Cow Moose?

Submitted by Damon on 10/9/01. ( GEngel039@aol.com )

I saw on the Beginners forum where someone was asking if any supply companies carry cow moose forms. I was hoping someone would respond, since I too need a cow moose form. Well, looking at several catalogs, I do not see any, so I am wondering just how difficult it would be to alter a bull moose form into a cow moose form?
Or, does anyone have any other suggestions? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks, and have a good day.
God bless America!

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I answered the last post

This response submitted by CUR on 10/10/01. ( WILDART@prodigy.net )

I answered the last post direct via email. I figured someone would get this one too. Sorry. Yes, you can use a small bull form, it depends on measurement. There are moose forms that start at around 14.5(A) inches X 29(B). Cows should be around 14.5-16" X 28" - 30" (A, B). Some forms are available with little or no dewlap or bell shapes. They can be altered to fit a cow. Any competent taxidermist should be able to make the adjustments. There are some minor differences, but with some rasping and shaving, and occassionally by splitting and removing a slice from the neck, the small bull forms can be adapted to work as a cow. (I thought taxidermists did that sort of thing......lol)

While bull moose seem more massive than do cows, the cow is actually not much smaller than the bull. According to Alaskan biologists, the mean length of an average bull is ony an inch or so longer than a female. The chest of the study bulls averaged only 1.5 inches greater in diameter than the cows. Like all cervids, male moose have heavier necks and shoulders and slightly larger rumps than do the females. The males usually weigh around two hundred pounds more than the females at prime autumn weight.

Thank you

This response submitted by Damon on 10/12/01. ( GEngel039@aol.com )

Thank you, Cur. I figured this was the route to go, but just wondered on the difficulty of such an endeavor. Interestingly enough, this cow has a bell, which I don't think is too common on cow moose.
Also, thanks for the interesting info on size comparrison!


This response submitted by CUR on 10/12/01. ( WILDART@prodigy.net )

Their hangy downy isn't as big as a bull's but it's there.....

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