do antelope lose hair

Submitted by Cheryl on 11/1/01. ( )

My son shot an antelope last year and wanted a head mount. His cape was no good but we found a taxidermist who had a cape so my son put his horns with that cape. Less than a year later the antelope is losing its hair, some in clumps. It looks really bad on one side. We called the taxidermist who said that antelope do lose hair because of the type of hair they have. My son is only 14, the antlope has 15 inch horns, he paid for this himself and he is really disappointed. I can't believe an antelope should be so tattered in less than a year. Is this normal or what should we do?

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This response submitted by dan k on 11/1/01. ( )

Sounds like there is a posability you may be infested with beetles.
Look in the ears and around the horns and see if there are little striped bug shells, or any live larvae, small holes or ate-up spots at the base of the horns. If so, take mount down very gently, to avoid loosing any more hair, put in garbage bag and spray with Raid or Black Flag bug spray, close bag for 2-3 hours. Use hair spray to hold loose hair in place after you get it back up on hte wall, or if is a patch of hair, use glue to replace if you have the hair. Then spray the whole house. If there are no bugs or shells, maybe someone else has an idea.
Dan K

bad work

This response submitted by jim marsico on 11/1/01. ( )

bugs or a home tanned cape by a taxidermist who didn't know much about antelope mounting. Take the mount to a full time taxidermist and see what he says. The only way to kill bugs is by freazing them more than 3 days and bug killer sevin is the best.

first antelope

This response submitted by Eric on 12/2/01. ( )

I'm an amateur taxidermist, mainly interested in doing deer. Anyhow I'm trying my first antelope. The horns went pretty smoothly, but everything else,well, I need a new cape.
Seemed liek it was losing hair when I skinned it. Checked my pickle today and it was at 3. So I adjusted it. The hair is slipping, but the deer cape I had in the same pickle is fine. SO I tried to shave the damn thing anyhow. Shaved the glands down and damn if the hair on them isn't coming out, too. I scored them with a scalpel before I salted it. And it seemed a lot harder to shave than a deer, thinner I guess.
Anyhow is it unethical to mount it on a new cape and not tell my buddy? I'm sure that it happens. I realize my pickle could have done it, but it just seems a lot tougher overall than a deer. Anyhow, I think I'll stick with my native whitetails and small mammals! Thanks!Eric

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