Buffalo cape-How much do I need?

Submitted by Tamie on 11/6/01. ( )

I have a customer who is going on a buffalo hunt in a couple of weeks.
This will be my first buffalo shoulder mount, so I've been researching
as much as I can. There is some good info in the past archives. I
am still looking for any guidlines on how much cape I'll need. I
usually tell customers to cut at least six to twelve inches behind the
shoulder, or more, because I can always cut off anything I don't need.
I understand how heavy this cape is going to be so I don't want to
work with any more than I'll need. Someone once mentioned to me that
buffalo mounts are not as long as usual shoulder mounts. I've been
looking at many forms and just can't tell.

So, any suggestions? Also...is there anyone out there that has worked
with a tube skinned buffalo? How did it go? I can see how this would
save on sewing time, but I'm sure there are some obsticles.

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Cut it the same as any other.

This response submitted by Troy on 11/7/01. ( truelifetaxidermy@hotmail.com )

Tamie, tell your customer to cut it the same as any other shoulder mount. Your bison form may be a little shorter than a normal deer, but dont cut the extra off until you know for sure. I know in my state a bison hunt is once in a lifetime. You don't want to mess that up.

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