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I have a 1/2 body,.. the front half,.. Aoudad and an Ibex that will be standing on rock bases. The bases are fiberglass with a wall board. My question is this; Do I attach the base to the legs, using the all thread rods molded into the legs, or just provide holes to slide the rods into when hanging the base seperate from the mount? It seems that if I attach the legs to the bases it would be harder to handle and add alot of stress to the legs while handling them. If I would attach, do you hang the mount by the body only or try to hang the base to the wall also? I dont want to attach the bases to the mounts with a large panel.
I want to take this time to thank George and Dave Toms for their inputs on the moose mount I did. Thanks guys! I used a bigger hanger like you suggested George and Dave, when I got to the point to attaching the horns to the form, I found out why you suggested 4 lag bolts. And yes, I had a ball putting that monster up!

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Both ways ..

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that you mention work ok. The animals you are doing are plenty large to attach the base to their feet and hang the whole thing from the body backboard. Smaller, and especially African small animals I do with a separately attached base. It works really great for a "one foot up" mount ,too. When you get the base mated up with the feet, be sure to measure the wall hook placement and write the specs on the back of the base so the customer will be able to duplicate the pattern for easy hanging.

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