Submitted by Tamie on 11/7/01. ( tamie@runningbuck.com )

I need to find a new tannery to use, and judging from some discussions
in the archives this can be a touchy subject. I am not looking to
start any problems. I am looking into New Method and Golden State
Tannery, both of which are in California. I would appreciate any
opinions on there service and tanning quality.

Please e-mail me personally with your responses (address above).

Thank you.

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Try Them

This response submitted by Old Fart on 11/7/01. ( )

Send them both some skins, then compare the results. I use four different tanners, because I like the way certain tanners do certain things. That is strictly my preference. You greatly limit your choice by trying to stick with close by tanners.I send things to both coasts just to get the tanning I want.

New method

This response submitted by RJ on 11/7/01. ( )

I used new method for many years. They do a good tan but they beat them to pieces, sometimes litterally. Broken wiskers, smashed and pulverized claws, blown out ears, etc. The last straw was an african shipment that had hundreds of scratches and nicks on the epidermis. When I questioned them about over tumbling them and scratching them up the answer I got was the scratches on african caped were from the "lions, they scratch them up when they chase them, it's not are fault". My recommendation is to send new method only the flat hides like deer hides, elk hides, beaver hides etc. They do a good soft job on flat skins but I would not send them any lifesize or capes.

Beware Golden State

This response submitted by Jerry S. on 11/7/01. ( jds@htcomp.net )

I sent them a giraffe that had died in a zoo from a broken neck. It was 25 degrees and I got to it within an hour and spent all night skinning, fleshing, etc. The hide was taken care of betther than any hide I had ever received. I sent it to Golden State and a month later they called and said it was rejected because in developed a foul odor in the pickle and the hair slipped. They accused me of not taking care of the hide! My opinion was that the foul odor in the pickle was because they let the ph get too high so that bacteria could grow. I lost the giraffe and never even got as much as an "I'm sorry to hear that" from them. I wouldn't let them try to tan a sewer rat! Just my opinion.

As far as New Method, I personally know a top notch taxidermist who sent an order of about 25 whitetail capes to them. The returned looking like swiss cheese. The amount of holes were completely unbelievable. New Method refused to replace them. You can b e your own judge. Good Luck! Jerry S.

How Helpful....

This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 11/8/01. ( )

I have used Golden States wet tans for years with great results. They also have a two week turn around, great for a full timer like me. Arlington Cape here in OH by far has the finest wet tan available. Keith Daniels is a regular forum poster so his e-mail should be in the archives somewhere. If you are just starting to try commercial tans I would call him. He is GREAT! I prefer wet tans for my lifesize and gameheads, but for rugs and flat skins I get them completely finished.

New Method SUX

This response submitted by MattC on 11/8/01. ( )

I used to send all the "wooly criters" i received from a hunting lodge to mount to new method...All the hides but one or 2 come back looking like they were fleshed by a blind man with no arms. They were full of holes and missing large patches of wool and hair. I never have had this happen at other tanneries. I guess I learned my lesson.

2nd vote for Kieth Daniels

This response submitted by Travis on 11/8/01. ( )

Kieth does great work! You can contact him at arlcape@bright.net

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