Elk skull: How to neutralize odor and remove flesh from it

Submitted by elkfinder on 11/9/01. ( )

I've got a nice set of elk antlers (from this season) that I plan to mount at a prominent place in my barn. How can I best remove the small amount of remaining flesh and neutralize the odor? I tried boiling the skull once in the past on another skull and it discolored (whitened) the antlers. Also, is it OK to let the remaining hide around the base of the antlers on the skull just dry up?

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This response submitted by Big Al on 11/9/01. ( )

try maceration (rotting in water).
Emerse the skull in water and put it behind your barn.
As for the smell...who cares it's a barn!

Thanks for the comment, Big Al

This response submitted by elkfinder on 11/9/01. ( )

If I keep it in the barn (doors closed at night) I can keep dogs and coons away from it. Does it need to be outside because of the smell while the maceration is taking place? Should that process take a couple of weeks or so? Will the skull hair stay on the the hide through this? (Not essential to save the hair but I'd like to--since I have so little!).

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