Trouble at the shop

Submitted by Tex on 11/13/01. ( )

I finished up a customers european mount and left it in my shop on a shelf. When I returned I found that the nose had been eaten. After saying a couple 4-letter words, I figured it was mice. A put out poison and hopefully it got rid of one of the problems. How can I (if I can) fix the the deer skull? Has anyone used the euopean mount kits from Mc kinzie?

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Solving mouse problems

This response submitted by Bill K. on 11/13/01. ( )

Hi Tex,
Sorry I can't help you with the advice on your mount but I do have some in regards to the poison. After the critters eat it they will go into your walls and die. Then the bugs will feast and make more bugs (see where I'm going with this), you could end up with a problem bigger than mice. If you use mouse traps you can get a general idea as to how many you have and then take appropriate actions to seal them off. You need to keep them out not just kill them. I have two mouse traps in my shop and the first thing every mourning I run my "trap line". When I get one I look for how it got in and seal it up. I haven't caught one in three months so I think my problem is under control. If your traps are sprung or missing it's time to get bigger traps. I hope this helps at least half of your problem.
Keep your bait fresh,
Bill K.

I had rats outside

This response submitted by trappersteph on 11/14/01. ( )

Rats, those ugly brown ones... Living under the porch and eating whatever scraps of meat were in the buckets.So I saw they ran along the edges of the wall there and a few other tighter spots.Set #1 longsprings as a blind set and caught about 20 total, over several months.They sure were stupid, the traps were just right there,no covering or anything.

The only "rat" I have visting now is a possum!Don't mind the grinner, kinda cute...

every body needs a shop cat

This response submitted by b.s.rhea on 11/15/01. ( )

got cat no rats.

Get anouther deer skull

This response submitted by RJ Simington on 11/18/01. ( )

Get anouther deer skull, boil it & remove the bones that you need from it while still warm & wet.
you might need to trim them alittle to get a good fit. 5 minute epoxy the peices in place & your client wont even know the difference

If you patch it, try this

This response submitted by Brad on 12/6/01. ( )

I use aersol "KILZ" brand white cover up paint. It's a chaulky thick dull spray that really cleans up a skull.

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