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i have an elk cape that i have tanned with liqua-tan, it has been shaved. my question is; will i gain more streach if i let it dry and rehydrate, or will i get all the streach that is possible the day after liqua-tan? any help greatly appericated!

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Liqa-tan needs to dry into the hide to do the job, but.

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you can mount it without drying before mounting. If you want a better leather dry it. I would go ahead and mount it 18 hours after painting it with Liqa-tan. You will need to wipe the inside of the skin with laq.thinner for hode paste adhesion.

what about streach

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what about streach, will i have all the streach i can get after 18 hrs?

Liquid Tan

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When I use Liquid Tan I let it set overnight folded up, bagged and placed in fridge. It should stretch out to what it was when green if properly shaved, thats really all you want for a properly fitting cape to form. Lay it flat and measure neck widths than order form, than freeze until ready to mount. Thats the best way i have found using Liquid Tan. Also use enough product, its a lot thicker hide for the tan to penetrate....Paul


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